Death in the Family

Resizedphoto-1450897565522-034bbf7666b0We had a death in the family…my little sister Bailey passed away recently. She was everything to me, we would play together and do whatever we could think of. When Bailey started complaining her stomach hurt, my mom brought her to Children’s Memorial Hospital. Bailey had a cancerous brain tumor and her appendix was taken out. A year and a half later she passed away. I went back to public school and struggled becoming social and being happy.  I was brought to TheHopeLine for guidance and support.

Morgan, who spoke with me listened to me for a hour and a half and helped me through.

I made a lot of new friends in the last couple of days! Bailey might not be with us today, but thanks to Morgan I know she is with me. I learned how to trust in the Lord and I know that Bailey isn’t suffering anymore and she’s having princess parties. Thank you TheHopeLine for believing in me and helping me become happy!


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