Free eBook: Understanding Self-Worth and Self-Hate

"What To Do When You Hate Yourself."

Have You Ever Heard Someone Say They Hate Themselves?

Many people who struggle with their self-worth can easily slip into a cycle of self-hate, characterized by destructive thoughts and often triggering self-destructive behavior.  It’s important to identify negative thought patterns to learn how to maintain a healthy self-worth. Simply fill out the form to download our free eBook for information about how to overcome these destructive patterns of self-hate and how to help a friend who may be struggling with it.

In this eBook:

  • 30 page magazine-style eBook with photos and facts about self-worth and self-hate.
  • Signs to identify self-worth issues and what to do when you hate yourself.
  • 4 things not to do when trying to maintain a healthy self-worth.
  • 10 Ways to build a healthy self-respect and how to maintain it.
  • Ways to help a friend dealing with self-worth issues.
  • And, how to find help when you hate yourself.

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