I Hated My Life…Your Show Saved Me!

Hate yourself. Never. Stop. Hoping.Dawson,

When I was younger there was an abuse situation between me and my mom.  The whole family knew about it but they just didn’t want to say anything, cuz at the time they were doing foster and they knew if they said anything there would be a investigation and they would get in trouble.

She always said I would not have enough courage to tell anybody so she was never worried about it.  One night, I was listening to your show on the radio, it was on z100.

I called TheHopeLine and told them what was happening, the next day they came out.   I was really glad they came out cuz after that she stopped with the abuse and started treating me differently.

I just want to say I’m really thankful cuz at the time I was having a hard time with being able to graduate high school with passing grades after that call things turned around I was able to graduate high school and went on to be a Marine and now I’ve been in for almost two years with out any problems.

If I hadn’t made that call I would have killed myself that’s how much I hated my life but now I’m glad your show saved me.

I’ve been to ten different countries and I still listen to your show as much as I can and I can relate to some  of the young adults that call in and give advice to the same situation or different situations cuz other Marines go through the same situations if not worse. So in the end I just want to say thank you for the hopeline.

Thanks for what you are doing!

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