Madylon’s Story: My Life Has Been an Emotional Roller Coaster

emotional roller coasterMy life from day one has been an emotional roller coaster. I have had many up and downs…mostly downs.

My mom is a drug addict. I had to live with her. I have been yelled at, screamed at, called worthless and almost every other name in the book. I have been beaten, molested, sold, forgotten, left, homeless, starving, dying. I have wanted to kill myself for a long time. After many years, my dad finally thought it was a good idea to get me away from my mom.

I now suffer from extreme depression, anxiety, and PTSD. My dad tonight, yelled at me and I had a freak attack. My dad isn’t nice and neither is my stepmom so we fight often, but tonight it hit me and I wanted to do anything to leave this Earth right now. I wanted to stop being a disappointment, but then I got on this site…  I talked to someone, and told my story and it kind of made me feel better…like that I shouldn’t give up.


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