Overwhelming Sadness and then Hope

Overwhelming Sadness and then HopeTwo years ago my best friend was killed in a car accident.  He wasn’t just my best friend…he could have possibly been my soul mate.  And I haven’t accepted his death, so my head is still stuck in 2013 rather than 2015.  I was in too much shock to take it all in and now I am, slowly starting to notice that he isn’t going to be coming home anytime soon.

I was trying to write something , anything and all I could think of was how much I missed him. My depression has kicked into high gear and I just was looking for someone, other than people who know me to hear my story with no judgment and I found this site and signed up and decided to give it a try, to give me some sort of hope and calm myself down.  Sarah, was my HopeCoach and she was the one who actually made me aware that I am stuck in 2013 mentally because of his loss. She prayed for me and at the end, I had a smile on my face and happy tears because of the prayer.

Thank you Sarah and to the other HopeCoaches who take their time to talk to people who are struggling.  Thank you for helping to keep us motivated and helping us to carry on.

To hear our stories, means a lot to me and I am sure to everyone else. You guys are awesome 🙂


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