Self Harm: My Life Was Good, but I Was Still Sad

Can You Relate to Marine's Story of Self-Harm?

Suicide and self-harm were struggles for Marine. See how she found help and hope.

I'm a French girl, I'm 13 and I'm the kind of person who has everything to be happy...good at school, great family, a lot of travel. But I've found the way to be sad. It's isn't my fault you know, you can't choose. I started cutting myself at 11 years old. I thought that the problem was someone, because at school I had a teacher, an incredible woman who had everything to be a good person and a good teacher, this woman was my french teacher. I became attached to her, not like a boyfriend but like a mom. I was so sad without her.

I'd like to say that HopeCoaches are very helpful!

When she realized that I was cutting myself she panicked and she avoided me. For almost a year I didn't talk to her. Then in April, on the 10th, I had an appointment with her (and my psychologist and also the director of my school). We talked a lot about this. I was so scared. Now we begin slowly again to speak to each other. And now that this has ended I have absolutely no idea of the reason of my problems. And I think that's the worst in my story: I don't know so I can't do anything.

I've talked many times to a HopeCoach, they helped me a lot, and even if it's not over, I moved forward a lot thanks to them! 🙂

I don't know if I'll be the same girl later, but I know that some people really tried to help me and I think that's the main thing. I can't write a long message, because my English isn't good enough so sorry about this. I'm still fighting to stay because I really would like to let go.

For help and information on how to resist the urge to cut yourself, read this article

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2 comments on “Self Harm: My Life Was Good, but I Was Still Sad”

  1. Thank you! you are so brave for getting help, and for being honest. I wish i was more like you.
    Please stay strong!! Love

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