Your Relationship Can Survive Military Deployment

If you quickly open a soda, there is some chance the contents will foam up and spill over the top. Shake that bottle for thirty seconds before removing the top and you’ll have a much more intense experience. Talking with people about relationships with loved ones in the military is like opening a bottle that…

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#PTSD What is it and do I have it?

Have you ever wondered, “What is PTSD?” And maybe you have asked yourself, “Do I have it?” On my radio show I so often hear these types of statements: “I keep re-living the time I was raped.” “I don’t feel anything anymore, I have no emotions. I’m just numb after all the abuse I went…

Military Relationships- I Didn’t Sign Up for This!

Taylor wrote:  I believe it takes a special kind of person to date someone who is military and it is definitely not easy. Both people have to work extremely hard for it to work. As long as both people want the relationship to work and are loyal with each other, then the relationship can work….

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Military Relationships- What to Expect at a HomeComing

Last weekend Jodie Foster (not the actress), her 12-year old daughter, Kayla, and her two step children stood in the middle of LP field during the second quarter of the Tennessee Titans Washington Redskins game. They thought they were being honored for a winning essay they had all written together about husband and father, Mark…