Forgiveness - How Do I Forgive if They Haven't Said Sorry? -

Gretchen Lawson: It can feel very hard to forgive someone that hasn't taken responsibility for their actions, that hasn't actually come to us and asked for forgiveness. Forgiveness is about us, it's a choice that we make. So even if someone hasn't taken responsibility, someone hasn't come to us and said, "Will you forgive me?" what's best for you is to move toward forgiveness. Again, this may take time. It is helpful to have someone walking with you during that time, in that space, during that process. It is good to not rush that process. Over time, you may feel like you're ready to make the choice to forgive someone.

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Need someone to talk to about forgiveness? TheHopeLine offers free confidential live chat with a Hope Coach to help you with forgiving someone. We are here to listen and support you without judgment.

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