Brooks Gibbs LIVE: I Can't Let Him Go

In a call to Brooks Gibbs Live, Riss called in from the Philippines with a broken heart. This clip, includes parts of Selena Gomez’s song, “I Need to Lose You to Love Me.”

The Struggle to Let Go

Riss explains:

“I had a long-term relationship before. It lasted almost 4 years. And then recently my ex-boyfriend got married. It is an arranged marriage due to a different culture. I’m still holding onto him. I want to talk to myself and say ‘Let it go. It’s been two years. Let it go. Let people not worry about it because I can’t keep living like this.’”

Brooks encourages her:

“The worst thing that ever happened to you can often be the best thing for you.”

“Hope by definition is absolute assurance of coming good. You have to believe, there’s good coming in my future. That’s what hope means. So, when you put on hope and you choose to keep hope, you believe that better things are coming ahead.”

“So that whatever brokenness you’ve experienced from this past relationship, that is going to be something you’ll be able to use to help other people going through brokenness. At times like these it’s faith, hope and love and you hang on to those things.”

Acceptance is Key

Brooks asked her, "If you were an 80-year-old grandma, what would say to your beautiful young grandchild who comes up to you and says, 'I had the love of my life and he left me for another woman.' How would you counsel her?"

Riss said she would say to her granddaughter, “Acceptance is key, and you should move forward because that’s life There are things we cannot control.”

What great advice. Be strong and believe that the worst thing that happened to you can become the best thing for you, but it’s going to take time to prove that that’s true.

Would You Like Advice from Brooks?

If you would like advice from Brooks, you can call into his Live show via video on Sunday nights between 8 pm CST and 9 pm CST. You can also schedule a pre-recorded call with Brooks during the week.  All the information on calling Brooks is found here: Brooks Gibbs Live @TheHopeLine

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