what is an email mentor

What is an Email Mentor?

Listen to Chelsea’s story of how her email mentor saved her life. Video Transcription: Hi, my name is Chelsea. I was dealing with so much when TheHopeLine and the email mentor helped me. I was cutting myself daily and I was seriously considering suicide. I was raped a few years prior and just had so…

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Inspired To Do What My Heart Wants

Overprotective parents. 22 and living with parents. Don’t get to go out. Don’t get to meet the love of my life. Pressurized to be the best in studies and not caring about my dreams. I stopped self cutting 3 years ago. Started today because of fight with boyfriend. It was pretty bad. Then I thought…

highs of addiction

Highs of Addiction

Here’s my dilemma…I don’t want this to be just one more blog that warns you about the harmful outcomes of addictions. I don’t want to be that overlooked poster that tells you to “Just say no.” So many times, people who try to convince you not to get into addiction sound like they’ve gone overboard….

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Emotional Pain

I found this site when i was looking for something to read…when I was at the very bottom of emotional pain. And I sincerely thank God that He found me back through this site, and thank you also for HopeCoaches that helped me out by listening patiently and giving me encourage to stand up again and…

popping pills #rx

#RxAbuse Is Popping Pills Safer than Illegal Drugs?

Prescription Drugs Have you taken Rx drugs you weren’t prescribed?  Have you ever taken Rx drugs more than prescribed or when you didn’t need them?  Have you taken Rx drugs that were prescribed to your parents or your friends? Have you taken Rx drugs: to manage stress because of depression boredom you were lonely wanted…

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Suicide and Self Harm

I’d like to say that HopeCoaches are very helpful! I’m a French girl, I’m 13 and I’m the kind of person who has everything to be happy…good at school, great family, lot of travel.  But I’ve found the way to be sad.  It’s isn’t my fault you know, you can’t choose.  I started cutting myself…

Stay Strong

Stay Strong

I was 18, fresh out of high school and in my first serious relationship. He was abusive and I was enamored. He cut me off from my friends, and I alienated my family. Things were emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive. I was devastated when he left. I suffered from self harm and I couldn’t control…

ptsd get help

#PTSD What is it and do I have it?

Have you ever wondered, “What is PTSD?” And maybe you have asked yourself, “Do I have it?” On my radio show I so often hear these types of statements… “I keep re-living the time I was raped.” “I don’t feel anything anymore, I have no emotions. I’m just numb after all the abuse I went…

too much downtime

Too Much Downtime 10 Strategies to Beat Boredom

#downtime – 10 Go-To Ideas   People at all ages are living crazy busy lives these days. It may not be that we do more things than before; it’s just that life happens faster and faster. Can’t explain the physics of that, but I sure feel it. And so, when given a break to stop everything…



For the past couple weeks, I was depressed and I did not talk to anyone about it.  Then I decided to talk to a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine and they were very helpful. When they helped me out I could feel the depression and anger leaving me and now I feel better than I did before. Austin  …