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#PTSD What is it and do I have it?

Have you ever wondered, “What is PTSD?” And maybe you have asked yourself, “Do I have it?” On my radio show I so often hear these types of statements… “I keep re-living the time I was raped.” “I don’t feel anything anymore, I have no emotions. I’m just numb after all the abuse I went…

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Too Much Downtime 10 Strategies to Beat Boredom

#downtime – 10 Go-To Ideas   People at all ages are living crazy busy lives these days. It may not be that we do more things than before; it’s just that life happens faster and faster. Can’t explain the physics of that, but I sure feel it. And so, when given a break to stop everything…

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Sex and Father Hunger

Sex and Father Hunger I’ve been thinking a lot about why girls give in to guys.  It’s almost at epidemic proportions.  I am saddened when I hear about so many girls who thought they were in love become devastated by giving in to guys when it wasn’t love at all.  So why do girls give in…



For the past couple weeks, I was depressed and I did not talk to anyone about it.  Then I decided to talk to a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine and they were very helpful. When they helped me out I could feel the depression and anger leaving me and now I feel better than I did before. Austin  …

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Hope Deferred Makes the Heart Sick

Tonight, We Feel Your Pain! Guest Blog written by: Charles Wagner, founder of Gramazin (  Gramazin is a place for people to share their stories of hope and overcoming adversity. On you can see someone put into words how you might be feeling, read about someone else’s solutions for their issues which might apply to what you are going…

I have slowly stopped cutting.

I have slowly stopped cutting.

I have always been overweight and insecure.  In the fifth grade I started cutting and I just couldn’t stop.  It’s an addiction and I did it all the time. One day in the bathroom, when I was washing my hands, one of my “friends” saw my cuts and she asked what they were and if I did them….

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Why Wait For Sex?

WHY WAIT FOR SEX? I am writing this blog today for the teens and young adults out there who actually think it might be worthwhile to wait until they are married to have sex. Not an easy decision to make. One that may have caused you to be ridiculed or broken up with or question…

5 things you should never say

5 Things You Should Never Say #depressed

  Until we get rid of the unacceptable stigma of mental illness, it’s going to be very hard for people to come forward for care. 5 Things You Should Never Say #depressed I’ve always wanted my radio show and TheHopeLine to be a place where people felt comfortable talking about the tough stuff. A place…

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Sexual Assault

I was raped while taking the garbage out, right outside of my own house. I never saw who, but I’m hoping he will be caught soon.  I came to TheHopeLine because I was feeling alone and overwhelmed with everything.  Despite the support from my family and friends, I felt like I needed more. So we…