10 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays!

Ideas to Help Others at Christmas

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”


1. Raise Awareness for Youth Homelessness by organizing a student sleep-out through our partner Covenant House International: The Sleep-Out: Student Edition

2. Write a letter to our Troops: Show the men and women in our armed forces that you care by writing them a letter thanking them: A Million Thanks-Send Troops A Letter 

3. Serve dinner at a homeless shelter: Volunteer at a local homeless shelter to prepare and dish up a meal for those without a home this holiday. Find a local shelter at: National Homeless Shelter Directory 

4. Collect food for your local Food Bank: Find a local Food Pantry at: National Food Bank Locater 

5. Deliver a hot meal to those who aren’t able through a local Meals on Wheels program.  Find a local Meals On Wheels Program at: Meals On Wheels Program Locater 

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6. Invite over a Neighbor or Classmate:  Perhaps you know someone who may be alone on a holiday. Invite them to have dinner with your family. 

7. Take Baked Goods to Public Service Workers: Christmas and New Year's Day are just another work day for our police and firefighters.Take a few treats to the local fire station or police department for the people on duty. 

8. Visit a Retirement Home:  Elderly people often spend the holidays without their family, especially if their kids live far away. Help ease their loneliness by visiting them and spreading holiday cheer.

9. Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter.  Find a shelter near you by entering your zip code:  ASPCA Find a Shelter 

10. Volunteer at a hospital. Hospitals are always looking for volunteers to help with a variety of jobs. You may be responsible for greeting people as they come in, bringing flowers or gifts up to patients or simply spending time with people who have been in the hospital for long periods of time. If you’re interested in volunteering at a hospital, contact your local hospitals and ask if they’re accepting volunteers.

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