Improving Your Mental Health Through Wholeness

We are all made of Mind, Body, and Spirit. It's essential to realize and understand the importance of maintaining all 3 to achieve a healthy sense of wholeness. Having a proper awareness of wholeness can often improve your mental health.

Check out these tips on ways you can strengthen each area of YOU!

Strengthening the Mind

Meditation helps reduce stress and leads you to a better sense of self-awareness.

Take Breaks
Allow yourself time for rest. Listen to calming music. Chat with friends. Use this time to spend with loved ones or add fun to your life.

Exercise Your Brain
Use brain games and puzzles, or choose an art/craft project to work on. Exercising your brain can help you increase focus, concentration, and memory.

Strengthening the Body

Get Enough Sleep
The quality and quantity of your sleep can affect everything from your mood to your metabolism.

Healthy Eating
Food is your fuel, and you need a balanced diet to fuel it properly. In addition, various foods can influence your mood positively and negatively. Talk with a nutritionist or do some research on healthy eating habits.

Finding ways to be more active in your daily life is good for your health and can relieve stress and elevate your mood. Talk with your doctor to discuss healthy exercise options to add to your routine.

Strengthening the Spirit

Connect with Something Greater than Yourself
For some, this happens through faith in God and spending time in prayer. Others accomplish it by shifting their focus to others and giving back rather than spending so much time focusing on themselves and their problems. Examples of things to do are attend a local church, volunteer in your community, join a support group, and bake some goodies for your neighbors.

Positive/Gratitude Journaling
Train your spirit to let go of negative thinking and shift to a more positive outlook. Write out three positive things about your day each night. They can be small things like finding a coin on the ground, feeling a soft blanket, or enjoying the warm sunshine. Try it for two weeks and see how it can affect your daily outlook.

Spend Time in Nature
Disconnect from devices and take time to enjoy the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, put your feet on the grass, or catch a view of the sunrise/sunset.

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