Koriander & Ari's Stories: Help for Self-Harm

Koriander's Story

Hi.  I'm writing from Brazil, I want to tell my story as a thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, including myself.  I used to cut myself in the arms when I was a teenager...for years. One day, my friend beg me to stop, so at first I did it for her, then for myself.

Now, years later, it is almost my birthday again and as a gift for me, I wanted to help a stranger, maybe someone who going through the same thing as I did. So I was looking for forums to share my testimony and found TheHopeLine. I admire your work and I'm very happy that people like you exist.

Just want to tell others that when you're think you're alone in life, you're not!

Maybe there's a person in another country thinking the same thing as you, so, I know it's hard, but you can do it, you will survive! And maybe years later from now you'll be the grateful person talking about how you are now fine...with scars, but fine.

Thank you.

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Ari's Story

I started cutting when I was 11. My scars faded away over the years because I hadn't really cut deep enough to leave any big scars.  It's gotten worse though. I'm now 16, and I've felt the urge to cut even more. More. More. More. Break-ups, family issues, school issues and just... everyday sadness is what drives me to do so.  I know there are others but I felt like there was no one else to turn to...not even my own mother, or anyone in my family. I even thought about committing suicide a few times....only tried once though.

To be honest, I feel like such a coward, that was...until I found TheHopeLine.com.

They've helped me realize that there are people out there that actually do care. I'm glad I gave them a chance.

There is help for self-harm. Whether you reach out to a friend, chat with TheHopeLine, or start by downloading our free eBook:

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