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‘Out of the Dark’: Mandisa chats with TheHopeLine!

mandisa chatsDeep depression, loss of her best friend, questioning God, turning to food for comfort, being super single…all things Mandisa opened up about in her chat with TheHopeLine!

Mandisa was so sweet when she spoke to us and the really cool thing is…she is not ashamed to talk about her struggles.  She is authentic and real and brings a lot of raw emotion into her music! 

Mandisa’s new album, Out of the Dark, is based on personal experience.  She says God has pulled her out of the dark and now she has a renewed passion for her music and a willingness to be transparent and vulnerable about the challenges she faced the last several years.

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Depression can be a deep dark hole that sucks you in further and further. It can be all-consuming and you can feel like there is no hope. Depression can be a struggle all of it’s own or it can stem from so many other things like anxiety, grief, relationship issues, abuse. If you are in that dark place right now or have been there, you are not alone.  Singer, songwriter and Grammy winner, Mandisa has been very transparent about the deep depression she faced in the last few years and she tells TheHopeLine what it was like.  She says, at one point she was comfortable in that dark place. She explains, “I shut out everyone, I shut out God, I shut out everyone who loved me.  I hardly left my house.  I stayed in my house everyday. I ate and I watched television and I’ve never been more miserable in my life.”

  1. Mandisa chats about her struggle with depression.

When you are in a deep depression, it’s all consuming so it’s very hard to make positive steps to move forward or get help. Mandisa was in a depression for about 3 1/2 years until she reached a turning point. Mandisa said God showed her 3 things:

  1. We have to walk in community with one another.  – “There’s a difference in needing time to re-energize and in isolating and shutting out the world.”  Her loved ones  loved her too much to leave her where she was.  Friends and family are important!
  2. Stop focusing on your mistakes in the past. – “I had to stop battling with shame because of all the mistakes I made.”
  3. Look for those flickers of light that come in so many places. – “Darkness is overwhelming but it only takes one flicker of light to chase out that darkness.”

  1. The turning point for Mandisa and what she learned along the way.

Mandisa’s Grammy winning song “Overcomer” was written for her best friend, Kisha, to encourage her while she was battling breast cancer. Mandisa later wrote “Prove Me Wrong” from the anger she was feeling after her friend died.  She says the song is not tied up with a pretty Christian bow but it’s honest and heartfelt.  She says through her grief she learned, “When you are dealing grief, you have to bring that to the Lord or you are going to bring it somewhere else.”

  1. Mandisa tells us the meaning behind the song, “Overcomer.”

Find out which 2 songs on her new album, Out of the Dark, are her favorites:

  1. Mandisa’s favorite songs on her new album.

If you are struggling with depression, no matter the cause, to find out more and get help, check out our free eBook on Depression!

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