Tania’s Story: Not Believing In Myself

I was so insecureI always felt worthless…not good enough, not smart, nor beautiful. I wanted to do things that I knew weren’t right, but I wanted to do those things to forget…to forget what I was going through at the moment . I felt like everyone around me disliked me. I was so insecure of me, all of me. I thought about doing things but every time I had a thought of those, my daughter’s little smile would appear.  Every time I was down crying , she was there to pick her mamma back up. Looking at her motivated me to think better and to do better things not only for me but most importantly for my daughter. I became a Christian and accepted Jesus Christ in my life about 6 months ago…trust me when I say he is real, I love him so very much. I know I’m a strong single mother and will be able to do it on my own without having to depend on anything. I’m no longer insecure about myself because I know that I’m perfect to God. I wake up every morning calling myself beautiful after looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth. God is amazing. And remember: “Believe in yourself, anything is possible!”


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