Helping men, women, and families recover after an abortion

Helping Men, Women, and Families Recover After an Abortion is dedicated to helping men, women, and loved ones recover spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, after the choice of abortion.

Here are some ways they help:

  1. SaveOne Chapters: These are safe and non-judgmental groups of men and women who have personally experienced abortion or have been deeply affected by this choice. These groups journey through the SaveOne Bible-based materials together. There are chapters all across the world.  Click here to see if there is a chapter in your area.
  2. Online Study: If there is not a group in your area, please email us and we will join you with a chapter leader or staff member to walk this journey with you.
Abortion has a deep ripple effect. You may have chosen abortion personally, lost a child to abortion, or your life has been profoundly affected by abortion. SaveOne can help you through the healing process.