Had an Abortion, I Don't Know How to Get Past It

Struggling After Abortion? You Are Not Alone.

Girl - This is really kind of hard to say, I’ve never really said it. When I was 22, I actually had…an abortion and I just don’t know how to get past it. I wish I could take it back. I just have a lot of hate for myself because…I just can’t believe that I took a life away. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Dawson McAllister - You were younger. You were overwhelmed. You didn’t know what to do. You were afraid, so you thought you were doing the right thing. It’s not easy to go full-term with a baby when you’re all alone and a boyfriend who’s a sex and run guy. But according to you and your value system, you didn’t do the right thing.

Girl -  And that’s why I actually called and wanted just to tell you first. I’ve never talked about it. So, I’ve just kind of kept my mouth shut about it.

Dawson McAllister: Well, that’s not the answer either, is it? So, where is your baby do you think?

Girl - I hope that he or she is up in heaven.

Dawson McAllisterLet’s talk spiritual just for a minute here. Let’s assume you’re right. Do you think your baby wants you to feel all this self-hate?

Girl – I just feel that they’re very mad.

Dawson McAllister – You don’t know that.

Girl – In a way, it feels good to finally talk to someone.

Talking About It Is the First Step to Healing

When you're not someone you believe in...maybe you had an abortion then hold on to God. When you wish you could take something back...hold on to God. When you have hate for yourself...because you didn't do the right thing...hold on to God. His arms are open for you!

Don't underestimate the power of talking out your pain and experience.

Talking it out is the first step to healing.

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Features Lauren Daigle's song: Hold On To Me & advice from Dawson McAllister

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