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What is TheHopeLine? Who is Dawson McAllister?  We are best defined by the people who we have helped.  Here are their stories with their heartbreak, and their victories expressed. These are some of the amazing thank you's we've received from people who have come to us in their time of need.  We are honored and blessed to have been a small part of their lives...giving love, encouragement, advice, guidance, and hope when all else seemed lost.

Fighting With My Sister...

"Seven years ago my older sister and I got into a big fight. I didn't talk to her for a long time. Then about 5 months ago, I was listening to Dawson's talk show and he helped me. Dawson was talking to someone else about the same situation that my older sister and I had. Well, that helped me because Dawson said to forgive and move forward. And so my sister and I made up. So thank you so much Dawson." ~ Sierra 


"My life was saved tonight, thanks to a HopeCoach who selflessly listened to me and helped me find the strength within myself to keep going. I was ready to end my life, had last all hope in any redemption. Without this service I would be gone. Thank you for saving my life, for supporting me when I had nobody else to turn to and for showing me that there is hope for me. This is an amazing service that has the power to move mountains. Thank you." ~ Jenna

Feeling alone...

"I was feeling totally and utterly alone tonight, so alone that I didn't want to be here anymore. I had an online chat with Kelsey and honestly she couldn't of helped me more! I got that attached, I didn't want to stop talking!! haha Sometimes, you feel like all life is doom and gloom but you've just got to find out what you're good at and show people what you can do, and do something you love! I'm super happy now and although actions still need to be took to get me back on track, after speaking the Kelsey at TheHopeLine, I already feel one step closer to happiness!" ~ Emily

I'm 39 now, I will never forget...

"Hello! Yes, it has been a long time since hearing Dawson McAllister but he was placed on my heart. I would tune in when I was in high school. I struggled with bulimia, cutting and lived in an abusive environment. There is hope!! I am free from bulimia and cutting. I have forgiven those who have abused me...and one of them I dearly love! There is hope!!" ~ Katey

Parent's Divorce...

"My parents divorced in 2008 and it impacted me a lot. I was really attached to my dad and not having him around has really affected me. I was listening to the radio on a Sunday night and I happened upon Dawson McAllister. I thought it was wonderful and decided that I would try it [TheHopeLine], so I did, and I feel wonderful! Thank you Hope Line!!!!" ~ Isabell

Dawson, thank you...

"Hi, I'm Hannah. I was about 10 when I turned my local radio station on for the night and I heard the show. I heard it once, but I didn't turn it on again until I was about 13. That was a horrible time in my life, and it honestly only got worse, but with listening to your show and listening to what other people were going through and the advice that was given to other people, you helped me to feel a lot better about myself and who I was becoming. I felt like a bad person before. I still do sometimes, but now I listen to the show every Sunday night and it is a great start to my week. So, thank you." ~ Hannah

Child Abuse...

"When I was 3 years old, my parents divorced. Now that I'm getting older I have to pick sides. When I was 12, I chose to live with my mom because my dad threatened me. Now I am 13 and being abused in a way my parents don't see. They think everything is okay. In the way I see it, it's hard and it's a struggle. I have tried to commit suicide once and now a year after, I have decided to get help. I got on here and talked to one of the Hope Coaches. I chatted with Bay, she talked me through everything. She listened to me and even suggested that I call the Childhelp. These people really helped me and is helping me to change my life. Thank you!" ~Tia

While I Was in Prison...

"Dawson, I just wanted to tell you that I listened to your radio program while I was in prison. I was 20 years old when I committed my crime. When I listened to the young people's stories, I heard so much of my own problems that lead me to prison. Your advice was good and I was glad to know you are a believer. I served 19 years in prison. I used that time to get an education and take classes that helped me better my thinking and behavior. Most of all, God got a hold of me and transformed my life. Keep doing what you do, Dawson. Had I heard your program sooner, it might have kept me from making the bad choices I did. I'm 40 years old and starting my life over, its not easy, but I have a whole different attitude and perspective now. Praise God! May you be blessed." ~ Sherry Ann

Diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety...

"I was going through a lot. I was going through getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was very rough, I wanted to die. I felt like I had no one that cared about me at all. Then I realized there was people out there who cared and might have no clue who you are. The people on TheHopeLine were people who did not even know about me but they still cared about me and how I felt.

Now, I know that if I need someone they are always here for me and I get a different person every time but they still try to understand what is going on." ~ Cassady

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Helpful and Encouraging...

"I have used TheHopeLine chat. The people I talked to were helpful and encouraged me. God loves me and you too!" ~ Kimberly

Battling with Depression...

"I was getting really low, and I was starting to think about suicide more and more every day and then I started listening to Dawson. I heard how there were so many other people like me out there and the words of advice that Dawson shared with them, it felt like he was sharing with me. I took what he said to those people to heart and I got some help. My life has gotten so much better! I have a girlfriend now and i have an awesome relationship with my parents. Thanks Dawson for the second Chance at Life! you truly are the grace of God!" ~ Damion


"I am older and perhaps not the intended user for the TheHopeLine. But I brought my sorrows here several times and I was startled by the quick response, patience of the coaches, and generosity of spirit. I would like to encourage all young people, whatever issues that challenge you to reach out to your fellow spiritual beings that share this world with you. You will see, most of all, that you are not alone. And from my age perspective, you can survive almost anything with a brighter future to be yours." ~ Tony

I Felt Like I Wanted to Cheat...

"I started my relationship with a girl and it's not a bad relationship. All of a sudden, I started getting an urge to start kissing random female's on the street, but then I found TheHopeLine and started chatting with someone. Now, I am back to normal and loving my girl like no tomorrow. We are now happily married and we have decided to explore the world together as a pair while coming back to our small apartment in the UK every once in a while." ~ John

Frustrating Relationship...

"I was very frustrated with my relationship. HopeCoaches helped me to calm down and attack the problem instead of each other. After a long conversation, I felt great and was ready to make it work with my girlfriend. I just want to say thanks!" ~ Cedrick


"For the past couple weeks, I was depressed and I did not talk to anyone about it.  Then I decided to talk to a HopeCoach at TheHopeLine and they were very helpful. When they helped me out I could feel the depression and anger leaving me and now I feel better than I did before." ~ Austin


"I signed up for this thinking it was just going to be a website where you get told advice that you have been given before. But I was wrong. They offered me sites to go on and advice that helps. Now I am more happy and can deal with things a lot better!" ~Zack

I Felt Like Ending It...

"I felt very low.  Just to say a big thank you to Dawson McAllister on the telephone today as I am in a bad way and he understood and gave me some good resources and guidance that should hopefully help me in the future. Bless TheHopeLine! Hope is Here."  ~ Unknown

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