• Addiction, Boyfriends and willing to rescue a friend.

    Tattoos, Cigarettes, and A Friend Using Weed: EP 11

    Need Help in Taking the Next Right Step? In This Episode: Worried Her Grandma Won’t Like Her Tattooed Boyfriend Tara’s boyfriend has a lot of tattoos. Her grandmother was already concerned when she found out he had a mohawk. What’s she going to think when she meets him for the first time and sees all of his…

  • you cant let excuses stop you from facing reality with addiction, eating disorders and cheating.

    You Can’t Let Excuses Stop You from Facing Reality : EP 10

    Bring it to the Light, It Will Be Alright Addiction, Eating Disorders, Cheating…You Don’t Have to Do This Alone. In This Episode: This episode covers addiction, eating disorders and cheating. Join me in my conversations with Casey, Mackenzie, and Corey. Each of them in need of sound, Godly counsel. Casey’s baby is in desperate need…

  • Episode 9 of the Dawson McAllister Podcast Ronnie's life changing decision to have a relationship with God

    Ronnie’s Life Changing Decision: EP 9

    Is Your Life a Mess? Find Hope and Peace Through a Relationship with God. In This Episode: Some of our problems are so great, only God can solve them. He is the only one who has the power to rescue us and transform our lives. In this episode, I have a heart to heart talk…

  • Amy's mother abandoned her

    Amy’s Mother Abandoned Her: EP 8

    How to Heal from Mother Abandonment. In This Episode: For 14 years, Amy was practically raising herself, while her mom was in the bars drinking. Amy’s mom wasn’t there for her when she needed her the most. The hurt Amy has from her mom abandoning her has continued into her adult life. Mother abandonment is…

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