• EP 2 Have you let a relationship with your father define you? Chrstina's father hunger.

    Christina’s Father Hunger: EP 2

    How to Find Healing From the Damage of Fatherlessness. In This Episode: Father hunger is a lack of sufficient fathering which is extremely impactful to a person’s life for good or bad. I will explain to you how you can heal from the damage of an absent father. Then, I’ll give you practical ways to…

  • EP 1 What does it mean to have a love addiction? Abbie's love addiction

    Abbie’s Love Addiction: EP 1

    What Does It Mean to Have a Love Addiction?   In This Episode: “So, Dawson, what does it mean to be a love addict?” I’m glad you asked. A love addict is someone who seeks to maintain a relationship, no matter how unhealthy or one-sided it may be, in the hope of receiving love and…

  • The Dawson McAllister Podcast helping teens and young adults find hope!

    The Dawson McAllister Podcast

    Podcast Launch I have some very important news for you. After 26 years on broadcast radio, I have decided to move everything online. I am creating a new show, called The Dawson McAllister Podcast, which is available on my website, TheHopeLine.com. Here’s a brief intro to my new podcast: I am going to take a deep dive into…

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Dawson McAllister gifted youth communicator and radio host going digital on Podcasts.

Dawson McAllister is recognized internationally as a gifted youth communicator. During his career spanning five decades, Dawson has spoken to millions of teenagers and young adults through television, student conferences, and radio.

In January 1991, McAllister began broadcasting a live two-hour call-in program for teenagers on 13 radio stations. Dawson McAllister Live! was also recognized by the National Religious Broadcasters association in January 1994 as the Talk Show of the Year. Now Dawson McAllister Live! is broadcast nationwide and in Canada on Top 40/CHR radio stations.

When Dawson is not hosting his radio program or speaking at a conference, McAllister is at home with his wife, granddaughter, and his animals. They live on a farm—McAllister’s an avid horseman—just south of Nashville, Tennessee.
McAllister has written 18 manuals from which he teaches at student conferences. His two most recent manuals are Making Peace at Home and Finding Hope For Your Home. His books include: Please Don’t Tell My Parents and How to Know If You’re Really in Love.