PTSD and Anxiety: My Mom's Boyfriend Was Abusive

My Story About PTSD and Anxiety

My name is David and this is my story:

My story is that for years I lived in fear because of my mom's old boyfriend. He was a jerk. But that's putting it mildly, he was horrible. He was abusive to the point he tried to kill my mom! My grandma and I tried to tell her to break up with him, but she wouldn't. He drank every day, and did drugs every day. I was so miserable and mad. I hated him so much! My grandma also hated him!

Lasting effects of Abuse - PTSD and Anxiety

Finally, my mom broke up with him, but my deep fear of him has had lasting effects. I have PTSD and so much anxiety, pretty much every day. I'm worried he will come back, and this time succeed in killing my mom, me, my dad/stepdad, my dog, and my grandma! He threatened to kill us all! Even though my mom finally got a restraining order against this jerk, I still worry every day he's going to come back.

Peace of Mind from TheHopeLine

So to help me deal with all of this, I went to TheHopeLine. They helped me cope with my anxiety and PTSD and process my thoughts about this abusive guy. At TheHopeLine they are so nice! They gave me hope and love no matter what.  They are honest, kind, and helpful. TheHopeLine is the best! Thank you so much to the entire team at TheHopeLine!

If you have been in any traumatic situation as David was and suffer from PTSD or Anxiety this article is for you - 6 Self-Help Skills for coping with PTSD.

Remember you can also reach out to chat with a HopeCoach any night of the week.  As David said, the HopeCoaches are kind and caring.  Chat live with a Hope Coach 7 days a week.

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