Struggles With Self-Harm

cutting and depressionSelf-harm stems from pain so deep it feels as if there is no other way to take away the emotional pain.  Whether you have been abused, hurt, rejected, abandoned, or anything else that has caused you emotional trauma and you have turned to self-harm to cope…we are here for you.  If you feel like you are alone in your struggles with self-harm…we are here for you.  If you feel that you don’t know where to go to get help…we are here for you.  If you feel that you are past the point of getting help…that simply isn’t true…we are here for you.  Be encouraged by these girls that have battled (and still do) with cutting and self-harm but have found help and support through their struggle.

I Was About to Cut

I found TheHopeLine by accident, but I’m so glad I did. I have been through years of abuse and battle persistant depression. At my lowest point, the guy (HopeCoach) helped me fully vent, and gave me additional resources. They took the time to hear my story, without any judgement. Click To Tweet  -Valorey

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Relapse Was Knocking

I heard self-injury knocking at the door…it was the only thing that my anxiety stricken-mind could comprehend as the only way out, but my spirit knew the repercussions of relapsing. I spoke with a HopeCoach who helped me recognize the victory of my extended abstinence from self-injury and encouraged me to reach out to a trusted friend, despite my fear of being vulnerable and admitting that I wasn’t okay. I am blessed beyond measure for the reassurance and encouragement Click To Tweet for it was God who orchestrated the conversation and filled me with the courage to overcome what I thought would be a devastating victory for the enemy.”  -Alyssa

My Depression and Cutting

For the longest time I was so depressed. I coped with it by cutting and just hurting myself in any way. My depression overcame me and I honestly wasn’t the same. I was never truly happy anymore. I never went out with friends and I never was okay again. The cutting would just get worse everyday. The urges to cut got stronger and stronger as each day went by. It was scary how depressed I was. But then I decided that I didn’t want to feel like this anymore. I talked to people about it. I saw a therapist and I contacted TheHopeLine. With having so much support, I felt like now I had hope in getting better and felt like I had a purpose. It was amazing how I can go from this depressed and anxious person, to a happy and free individual. Click To Tweet  -Lila


Hello, my name is Hannah. I am a teenager, we tend to be confusing and difficult to relate with. This may be due to the fact that everyone is different, which brings the topic of self harm, cutting, relief, or however else you may want to put it. Some people think that cutting is weird and what people who strive for attention do and others think its the only way to survive, a way to stay alive a way to feel.  For me…cutting was attention to myself.  I felt alone. Being alone is hard especially since they’re billions of people who live on this planet. So whether you believe that people do this to flash their scars online or to relive pain that been brewing inside. Cutting is something that people do. It can be considered a tragedy or a beckoning for hope. Click To Tweet

For me my silent cries were answered by the people I thought could never understand…my parents. It was the actual hardest thing to tell both of them. The second hardest when they asked how long this had been occurring. And the saddest thing to see them crying when I showed them all the scars I had. But it was the tangible help I received that became the most amazing thing to ever come out of my “problem.”

My personal advice is, I know how hard it can and will be to feel alone, to feel like everyone is all set without you, but cutting is a step that you don’t and shouldn’t have to take. Even if your parents aren’t a focal point for recovering, you have teachers, peers, TheHopeLine and even the police.  Anyone can be your reason for feeling something other than nothingness, and you don’t have to ruin the only thing that you have to live in – your body. Click To Tweet  -Hannah

If you struggle with self-harm and want help, check out TheHopeLine’s eBook.

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