Other Side of a Wednesday, Another Reason to Stay

It’s Worth Holding On

In this spoken word video, Travis Jacobs, inspires everyone to hold on to life because you never know what’s coming next. It’s important to stay curious.

Is There Another Reason to Stay?

Travis helps us wonder what’s coming next…on the other side of another Wednesday.

What experiences? What opportunities?  What sunrise, movie, or song?

Maybe change or acceptance or courage or peace is coming.

Maybe it’s simply a dog or warm breadsticks.

Perhaps it’s a person who needs you and you need them.

Other Side of a Wednesday by Travis Jacobs 

Always stay curious about what’s on the other side of a Wednesday. You never know what’s coming next Wednesday. Something’s always coming next Wednesday.

The experiences, the possibilities, the opportunities, the re-writing of destinies.

Those great big boulder-size, orange sunrises that open all eyes.

All on the other side of a Wednesday.

A movie that you’ve been waiting for. A book, that kind of book that has the one-of-a-kind line that just freezes time.

It’s on the other side of a Wednesday.

And so is a song coming. A song you didn’t even know you were waiting for, but it’s going to be there, and you’re going to know it when you hear it because it’s going to have that kind of hook, that one-of-a-kind hook, that you can’t stop singing all day and you are going to have it on replay.

On the other side of another Wednesday.

It’s always on the other side of another Wednesday. I promise.

It’s always there and so is that change, and the acceptance, and the courage, and the comfort, and the laughter, and the answers, and the peace that you’ve been waiting for.

On the other side of a Wednesday. It’s always there.

It could be this Thursday. It’s usually not on a Thursday for some reason, but it could be this Thursday. Or this Friday or next Sunday, but it’s coming some Sunday, and it’s on the other side of another Wednesday. I promise you it’s always there.

Always on the other side of another Wednesday.

There are going to be at least 3 or 4 probably more dogs that you haven’t pet yet that are going to look into your eyes with their eyes and request for you to pet it.

There’re always soft warm breadsticks waiting…

On the other side of another Wednesday. 

There’s going to be a person positioned on a future path that is going to need you. Need who you are. Need how you are. Need what you know. And you’re going to need them needing you.

Then down another road, after another Wednesday, there is going to be another person, and you are going to need them. Need what they know. Need who they are. Need how they are. And you are going to need each other.

I’m a lot of things but not a liar, and I’ve seen enough Wednesdays to see it.

It’s all always on the other side of another Wednesday.

Another reason to stay…to try one more day…to try one more way.

After another Wednesday.

Put it on a calendar. Put us on your calendar. You’re already on our calendar. We need you to be there. We are going to be there.

We’ll see you next Wednesday.

Spoken Word Poem by Travis Jacobs. A longtime friend of TheHopeLine from Sioux Falls, SD. Travis is a dad, dog lover, author, storyteller, radio host, word wrestler, and part-time ninja. He is fueled to hustle hope, healing, humor, and a high-five to the human experience.

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