Overwhelmed? God's Got You and He's Got This

Overwhelmed and Stressed? God's Got You! 

Life can be pretty overwhelming to many. As Love and the Outcome sing in this song, "You Got This" ask for God to give you the faith to believe He's got this! This song mix features a girl struggling with neglect from her parents, overwhelmed by school, stressed out from all the pressures in her life. But God's got her! He cares for her and will help her through just as He will do the same for you. I share with her: "You have all this stuff stored up inside of you and it just turns into stress. And that’s why it’s got to be dealt with, brought out in the open or it’ll just fester and keep on poisoning you." Included in this Dawson McAllister Exclusive 'PraiseUmentary' are parts of Love & The Outcome's song "You Got This"!

Girl Caller: We just started a new semester, and these are my harder classes. And then my sister is bipolar, and she was diagnosed when I was in 5th grade.

You Got This (Song): Have you ever had one of those days? When nothing really goes your way?

Girl Caller: And that’s when everything just started to fall apart. I didn’t know what to do with myself and my parents weren’t there. I don’t go to my parents for homework help or they don’t really drive me anywhere because they are constantly working. There is just so much to do.

Dawson McAllister: Do you work?

Girl Caller: Ya

Dawson McAllister: Do you have time for your friends?

Girl Caller: Sometimes. Last semester I really never had homework because it was my easier classes, so I would just go to their house after school. But now, it’s just so much harder.

Dawson McAllister: Something’s gotta give, give, give.

You Got This (Song):

I don't know the way
But You got this
Give me the faith
That You got this
Even today
You got this
I know that I know that I know that You got this

Dawson McAllister: The simple thing to do is to make a list of all the things you are doing and then prioritize them. Which one is most important: first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth? Then under the theory somethings gotta give, you take the least important off the board. Then the next least important off the board. Until you finally get down to your only doing what’s manageable. Your deeper problem is the neglect from your parents. And the fact that you’re thrown into a situation where you’re trying to manage your sister, who has emotional issues, which is totally unacceptable. And that’s why you need to go to a school counselor, minister, somebody. You’re carrying all this inside of you like this big ‘ole heavy weight on your shoulders. It’s killing you! So, you have all this stuff stored up inside of you and it just turns into stress. And that’s why it’s got to be dealt with, brought out in the open or it’ll just fester and keep on poisoning you.

If you are overwhelmed and need hope, chat with one of my Hope Coaches at TheHopeLine today! They will listen and help you with whatever you are struggling with. 

Terri Henry
For over 30 years, TheHopeLine has been helping students and young adults in crisis. Our team is made up of writers and mental health professionals who care deeply about helping others.
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