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Ever Lost Your Way and Want to Find God Again?

Ever lost your way and want to get back to God and become truly in love with Him? As Blanca's song, "Remind Me" lyrics go: "You’ve always been faithful to, Remind me, You are all that I need, And You are everything." Watch this video of Dawson McAllister helping a young woman with how to find God again. 

Caller: I love God and I live for Him and I guess I’ve just lost some of my joy along the way. 

Blanca:  I take a look around and I start falling apart 

Get caught up in the moment and forget who You are  

Caller: I just want to know what it’s like to be truly in love with God and have that come back to me in return. 

Blanca: When I’m under pressure 

You hold me together 

You’ve always been faithful to 

Remind me  

You are all that I need 

And You are everything 

And You are always with me 

Even in my darkest hour 

Caller: I don’t want a worldly love. I want something deeper. I love God. How do I get back there again, almost like a new Christian? 

Dawson McAllister: Do what you’re doing. Spend more time with Him. And don’t be hard on yourself. You’re on the right track, by far. You don’t base your faith on feelings, feelings come, and feelings go, you just want to be rock solid.  

Find God Again. Deepen your faith, give and get prayer…Join The Prayer Show (LIVE) 4 times a week! 

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