You Saved My Life

When I logged onto your app, I was lost, devastated and heart broken. I have had a lot of bad things happen to me in the past, and I've done a lot of bad things as well, but one of your HopeCoaches, unfortunately who will remains anonymous to me, saved my life today.

I had been through a rough break up for the second time and betrayed by a good friend of mine and I thought about leaving it all behind...and if it wasn't for this person I met through you guys, I would have gone through with it.  I constantly turned my back on God throughout my life, but after today, I know Jesus will always be there for carry me through all my hard times that I have yet to still overcome.

What you people do, it's amazing and liberating and selfless.

I love all of you so much. My name is JonPaul.  I'm a 25 year old college student out of Colorado, and I am so glad I met you all. You, the person I met tonight, who showed me the light and the right path I should take, I want you to know you made me very happy, and I love you deeply.

Even though you are a saved my life and my mind from total destruction.

I am forever in debt to your grace. And I hope one day, I get to meet you. Thank you for listening to me, and hearing my heartbreaking story. You made my world a better place to be in. Thank you again!


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