Attempted Suicide: How Do I Process it All?

All the stress and pressures caught up to Christoph at once, and he tried to kill himself. Dawson assures him that suicide is never the answer.

He Tried to Kill Himself


Dawson: What’s happening with you Christoph? How’s your life going?

Christoph: Up to about a week ago, it was probably the worst it’s ever been. A lot happened…my mom died, years of military academy, no bonding with my father, everything just caught up to me all at once and I tried to kill myself last Sunday night.

Dawson: What’d you do?

Christoph: I was with my friends. I walked away from them and everything just hit me at once. I found a piece of broken glass and I slit my wrist. Somebody found me and called an ambulance. They kept me in this little room, and they wouldn’t let me out.

Dawson: Looking back on the incident now. Do you think it was the wrong choice or how do you feel about it?

Christoph: I’m glad that I did it.

Dawson: Why?

Christoph: Because after it all happened, it really made me realize some changes that I needed in my life, and things I needed to do. Like I’ve been smoking weed for a long time now. After doing that, I realized it was something that was just helping to bring me down. And I met a new person, who goes to school with me, her name is Heather. She made me happy again and made me realize there was something worth living for.

Dawson: Just think if you had died and never know that. How can I help you?


Christoph: I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about it. I can’t talk to my dad. He’s a businessman and he doesn’t care what I have to say.

Dawson: Well, I do.

Christoph: That’s what I was looking for.


Dawson: You have to ask yourself, what were all the conditions that got me to the place where I decided to kill myself. When you start having those feelings again, you need to call one of your friends or someone and say, “Hey, I’m in trouble.” There are these contracts for life you can sign. Go to your school and ask them in the counselor’s office. You get a couple of friends, and you sign a contract that basically says, if I start to think about killing myself again. Before I do that, I will call whoever. You’re having a hard time but look at the light that’s come in because of this girl. Look at the insights you’ve learned about marijuana. There are other ways to learn these things than trying to kill yourself, but the fact is you learned them. Whatever your problems are, suicide is never the answer. We say around here, way too much medicine for the sickness. Christoph, I know you’ve had a hard time, buddy.

There’s so much to live for. You’ve got this great personality. You’re very articulate. There’s this girl that likes you now. You’ve got a lot going on, so please, don’t break all of our hearts. Anytime you’re in trouble, you call me, Christoph because I’m in your corner.

Do you feel suicidal, right now? These four interventions could save your life or the life of someone you love when they or you feel suicidal. Please read these 4 steps to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

If you or a friend need support right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, for free confidential, 24/7 help. For a list of crisis centers around the world and additional help, please visit the suicide prevention resource page.

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