How Do I Fix the Emptiness I Feel?

David has a big family, good friends, a loving girlfriend, an awesome job, and everything he needs. But he still feels something’s missing in his life.

"I Feel So Alone"


Dawson: David, how are you tonight?

David (from Florida): Well, me and the girlfriend we’re good. Me and the family are good. Me and my friends are good. I’m 22, I work for a local fire department down here. I got a great job. I really enjoy what I do. I’m fortunate enough to own my own home at a very young age. I’ve worked hard my whole life to really try to get everything that I could possibly want.

I come from a huge family. Growing up, I got hand-me-down clothes from my two older brothers. We didn’t have a lot. We were always taught to be really thankful for what we had, and to never take anything for granted. And now I have everything I have and that’s because I’ve worked so hard to get it. Even with such a huge family and a wide array of friends, and a loving girlfriend…I just feel like…and I feel stupid for saying it…I feel so alone. I wish I could go back to the mindset of when I was a kid and I actually had nothing because I felt I was happier than I am now when I have everything I could possibly need.

Dawson: You thought if you could get this money together and work hard and get a house that that would meet your deepest needs. If you had friends around, you then that would meet your deepest needs. If you had a great girlfriend around, you…same. But the fact of the matter is…they are not enough. There’s a lot of people who go through life, just chasing after the lie. Here you are, 22, you have everything you want but you have an empty soul.

David: How do I fix it?

Dawson: Well, it’s a spiritual issue for one thing. You’re already seeing that life lacks meaning unless there’s something deeper in the soul. I would suggest you go on a spiritual journey.

David: You mean like exploring religion?


Dawson: If I were you, I would go on a search for God. This is not a normal call to Dawson McAllister. It’s a great call, but not a normal call. You’re very articulate and everything you’ve tried to do to be happy, you have succeeded at. The problem is it hasn’t done the trick. So, there must be something deeper.

If you’re struggling with emptiness and loneliness there is hope.  You can have purpose in your life!  A Hope Coach is ready to listen and help you through this. You can chat with a Hope Coach here.

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