My Sister Bullies Me, What Do I Do?

Lanna and her sister are bullied by their older sister. The more they try to stop it, the worse it gets.


Dawson: I’m so glad you called me. What’s going on?

Lanna: I’ve been having problems with my sister lately. Well, it’s not just lately, it’s been 6 years.

Dawson: And your sister is how old?

Lanna: Now, I think she’s either 27 or 28.

Dawson: Well, what’s the problem?

Lanna: I really think it goes back to when my mom and dad were together. Her dad is not my dad, and my dad is not her dad.

Dawson: Your half-sisters?

Lanna: Yeah.

Dawson: Same mom, different dads. Gotcha.

Lanna: When they got married, she was kind of her own person. She wanted to be her own person, but she couldn’t, and she started acting out and everything. And my dad didn’t like that. By the end of it, she pretty much got bullied. And now I think she’s taking that bullying from him and then bullying me.

Dawson: She’s living with you?

Lanna: Yeah, she’s still living with us.

Dawson: Why?

Lanna: Now, she has a different reason than she did before. I understand this…she has cancer now. I sympathize with her, but at the same time, what she’s doing to me, and my other sister is just not right.

Dawson: Does your mother and stepfather know about this?

Lanna: I live with my mom.

Dawson: So, there’s no man in the house. So, there’s your mom and your sister?

Lanna: And my other sister.

Dawson: And your other sister, and your older sister is bullying the two of you. You feel sorry for her because she has cancer.

Lanna: If she gets the treatments now and gets it over with. She has a 99% chance to live.

Dawson: Can you talk to your mom about the fact that you and your sister are being bullied by your other sister?

Lanna: We have talked about it, and we have tried to do things. But it seems the more we do it, the worse it gets.


Dawson: Well, cancer or no cancer, she needs to get the message that if this bullying keeps up, you and your sister are going to move out. Lanna, you find a safe place, and get ready to go there. Your mom is going to have to step up here and lay the law down on your half-sister.

If you’re being bullied or if you still hear the things they used to say to you in high school, you’re not alone. You are not who they say you are. If you want to talk about it, chat with a HopeCoach. A HopeCoach is ready to listen and help you through this!

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