Not a Christian Anymore, How To Find the Meaning of Life?

AJ wanted to be in full-time ministry but then a tidal wave hit him and now he doesn’t know what he believes. Dawson encourages AJ to continue his search for the truth.

 Not a Christian Anymore


AJ: I came about 5 months ago to go to Bible college. I was going to enter full-time gospel ministry and I was continuing my education at the college level, to learn about the Bible. This last semester, I got really in-depth with some scripture and learned a lot of new things I didn’t know. A lot of things started to come to light that didn’t make sense…major inconsistencies. I opened up a Bible one day and realized if I’m honest with myself I really can’t say it’s something I believe anymore. Obviously, I had to unregister for my classes at Bible college and now I don’t know if I believe at all anymore. I can’t be honest with myself and say that I do. A tidal wave has come and washed everything from underneath my feet. I don’t know what to grasp onto. I’m trying to find meaning in life. I don’t have any family here. I’m a bartender at a restaurant. I’m trying to work and figure out what I want to do and if I want to go back to school. I have no direction in my life right now and I feel lost.


Dawson: There’s a couple of tracts. Tract number one is you need to continue your search. I don’t think you’ll be able to turn away from your values and former beliefs at the snap of a finger. You need to keep on saying, I want to find the truth in these spiritual things. Keep your search because if you believe in God at all, you know He’s not going to play cosmic hide-and-go-seek with you. When you change your point of view on something as important as spiritual things, you don’t want to just end your search. It’s obvious to me you haven’t found all the peace you need. Secondly, I’d go back to your roots. You can start over back home because you have support there and you feel lost where you are now. On the other hand, if you’ve found a good job and can grow where you are, then stay where you are, but something tells me you need to be surrounded by some support.

If you are questioning the meaning of life and asking questions about your faith? Consider this: Learn More About God.

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