Overworked and Stressed: How Do I Get Something off My Plate?

Cassie has too much on her plate. She's overworked and stressed and needs help to get something off of her plate.

College, Work and Family Pressures

Dawson: Hey, Cassie

Cassie: Hey, Dawson

Dawson: What’s going on?


Cassie: Basically, I am overworked. I pulled 17 credit hours this semester. I do 40 hours of working to pay for my apartment, and I also have to commit 10 hours a month towards volunteering. Basically, just been over-stressed, because I’m trying to support myself and I haven’t had a vacation since my junior year of high school.

Dawson: So, how can I help you, Cassie?

Cassie: I don’t know how to get anything off my plate, because I have scholarships that help me go to college and I feel trapped. I have my mother at the same time, asking me to do a whole bunch of things for her.


Dawson: Let me ask you this, if you have an emotional breakdown? What would happen? I would say your world would somehow stop…all this activity you’re doing. You’re way, way over the line. Now, this is easy to do, but hard to do.

Sit down with a counselor, minister, somebody right away…or a time manager. They are out there. Your school can help you with this. Put down all the things you do. Then you prioritize them. The least important got to go. Something’s got to give or Cassie’s going to hit a wall. Get to a counselor or time manager and make the hard choices. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

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