Son Abuses Mom: How to Stop the Cycle of Abuse in My Family?

Terry is violent towards his mom. She used to get physical with him, but now that he’s bigger, he gets physically violent with her.

Son is Violent Towards Mom


Terry (Nashville, TN): I put my hands [on my mom and am] being violent.

Dawson: You’re violent towards your mom?

Terry: Yes

Dawson: You got anger issues? Why do you have such rage?

Terry: When I was younger, she took it all out on me, and now I’ve gotten bigger. Instead of her bullying me, now the tables have turned. It’ll start with stupid stuff, where she’ll turn her TV up real loud where I can’t hear mine. So, I’ll go turn the breaker off and she’ll up the ante and go down there and turn the breaker off to the whole place.

Dawson: How old are you?

Terry: 20


Dawson: Get out of there.

Terry: I’m trying. I’m trying to get some steady work. It’s like a couple of kids, always upping the ante.

Dawson: That’s immature on both people’s part, especially on yours because you are showing such disrespect for her. And you have some rage, probably towards your father or somebody.

Terry: Yes, he passed about 4 years ago.

Dawson: You’re angry about that. You haven’t deal with it.

Okay, my dad died…I’m sorry about that.

Okay, my mom abused me when I was young…okay I’m sorry about that.

Now, it’s my turn. Try that in front of a judge. Anybody you get close to, like your wife someday, will know how to push your buttons.

Terry: Yes, I have a fiancée.

Dawson: She knows how to push your buttons.

Terry: But I don’t ever lay a hand on her.

Dawson: YET. I’d bet money on it. Marriage is 5 times harder than you think it is. You do know that you have a pattern of hitting women.

Terry: Just one.

Dawson: Well, you have a pattern of hitting a woman who gets in your way. Terry, you got problems, bro. The first thing you need to do is get out of denial. What you are doing to your mom is wrong. There’s no justification for it. It’s illegal, it’s dangerous, and it could put you in jail. And if you keep it up, it will affect your future relationships with other women. You’re going to get yourself into some therapy…and NOW!

If you have anger issues, it’s time to deal with it now, before it turns into rage. Get help by starting here: TOPIC: ANGER

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