What Should I Do, I'm Being Sexually Harassed at Work?

Marcus is being sexually harassed at work by a guy he works with. He’s tried telling management, but they haven’t done anything. What should he do?

Sexually Harassed at Work


Marcus: A guy has repeatedly been coming onto me at work. It’s been brought up to every person in management. One of the managers has even witnessed it.


Dawson: Is this another guy coming on to you or a woman?

Marcus: It’s a guy and I don’t know what to do about it. It’s gotten physical over the last few days. It wasn’t intentional, but when you go so far then my temper, of course, is going to get a little bit out of hand. Because that’s not a matter that you should want to play with.

Dawson: So, you’ve talked to all the bosses, and they’ve ignored it?

Marcus: Yes.

Dawson: It’s time to go to the police and they can be taken to court and fined. Not that you are doing this for the money, but you could come out with a settlement.

Marcus: Really? Because I’m dead honestly tired of dealing with it.

Dawson:  Well, they’re going to be dead honest tired about it too when the police come because there's going to be in trouble. And the guy that’s hitting on you, he’s in trouble too, BIG trouble! If I were you, I’d go to the police immediately? Also, you might want to get a lawyer and a lawyer will defend you. Somebody is about to have a bad hair day where you work.

Marcus: When I go to the police about it…I just tell them I want to file a sexual harassment?  

Dawson: Yes, get a lawyer first and the lawyer will direct you from there, but I’d move immediately.

If you are trying to cope after sexual assault please visit our sexual assault topic page for blogs, podcasts, and stories from others for additional help and resources.

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