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(Video) Bullying Prevention: Don’t Drink the Haterade

Guest Video Blogger on Bullying Prevention: Brooks Gibbs

We are excited to bring you a video from our friend and bullying expert, Brooks Gibbs. Brooks takes a whole different approach to bullying prevention. This is not your typical “words hurt” message. Watch and find out!


Bullying affects so many of us at one time or another…either we’ve been bullied, we’ve seen someone bullied, or we’ve been the bully. Awareness is only the first step, the second step is action.  So, we are excited to bring you a video from our friend and bullying expert, Brooks Gibbs.  He is someone that was bullied and he has turned that negativity into a positive. His passion is to empower victims with the skills needed to solve their bullying problems.

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Brooks is a youth crisis counselor, bullying expert, youth speaker, author of Love is Greater Than Hate, and friend of TheHopeLine. October is National Bullying Awareness Month. Brooks says, “The most important message we can be promoting during this month of bullying awareness is the message of love.” Tweet This!

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