Death by Loneliness

The Loneliness Was Too Much

Everybody get’s lonely from time to time…it’s human nature.

loneliness found hopeI was kicked out of my old high school for bad attendance. I felt like a failure when I was forced into an alternative school. (Which surprisingly turned out to be a better school then my old one!)

Thankfully, I was with a guy who was there for me. We were together for 8 months, he was my world, he was my life, and I gave him everything. We had a pregnancy scare and I told a few of my close friends, and by the time I knew it…they blocked me on everything! I was okay though, I still had my man.

A few weeks ago, my man admitted to me he didn’t love me. He just saw me as a friend. This destroyed me. I was alone, and my mother was too far away to hug. I sat in bed crying and self-harming for two weeks.

Finally, something inside me snapped. I lost it, and I was ready to end it.

I was to afraid to draw that blade across my wrist so in a final attempt I sought out help on the internet, and I came across this site. (

My HopeCoach helped me get through it and has sparked my passion to travel again! After I graduate I plan to travel the states on a journey to find myself and repair my soul!


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