How to Live Life on the Hard Days [Video]

You never know until you Live Life what might happen.

TheHopeLine has partnered again with Vlogsters, to bring you this video.  Vlogsters is a group of millennials sharing hope through their videos.  This is a great video for those that are struggling, or even those just in the mundanes of every day life...going to school, studying, working, living, breathing...a reminder that not every day of life is going to be a wild ride.  It's about the journey, the small, quiet moments and not just the destination.  Vlogster Adrian Nuno shared: "My hope is that it is a thought-provoking video and it can inspire others to keep on going through the hard days."

Live. Life. - YouTube

When you are young, you are given the impression that every day of your life needs to be a day of countless adventures. From movies to books to commercials, you are given the impression that life should be a wild ride. And sometimes, it is. But in so many other ways, that isn't the case.

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For most of us, that idea of a wild life is getting up early in the morning to go to a job, or to a class that you can't wait for to end. For some of us, that idea of a wild life is staying up late at night, pondering about who we are and what we are. Some nights, those thoughts can enchant us. But other nights, those thoughts can haunt us. Haunt us that we aren't doing enough, or that we aren't living the life that we should be living. That's life.

Yes, we might be young. But for some of us, we just aren't living that wild and crazy lifestyle of adventures. Because that's not what real life is. In reality, you need to wonder what your next meal might be, or what your plans for the weekend will be that doesn't end with you going broke.

And we dream, or at least I do. I dream of hopefully making a name for myself one day. I dream that one day, I will be able to look at my troubles and say that they were well worth it. I dream that one day, I can truly be living what I dream of doing: entertaining others. Whether that be making movies, hosting a talk show or hosting the Oscars. If it were all three, that'd be pretty awesome.

But let's not get too bogged down in that. Hopefully, it will happen someday. But for now, it remains a dream.

For me, it is what keeps me going. It is what makes every late night doing homework or every hectic week worth it. Because I know it will hopefully lead me down the path to do something great. For now, I don't let my hectic work schedule and classes and homework stop me from doing what I love. I still edit movies, I still edit videos and I still film videos. For now, it just remains a passionate hobby. Hopefully though, it will soon be a passionate way of making a living.

People who won't take the simple way out for an answer. Because as someone once said, it is those who think that they can change the world that are the ones who do. Because they had the audacity to do what others wouldn't even think of.

Life is like a car driving down an empty road sometimes. You just keep going and going, even if you may not know where you are headed. And along the way, you see moments of utter beauty that just take your breath away. That's the key though, you just need to keep on going, because you'll never know what you'll end up discovering. Life is full of surprises. Some of them will be pleasant, others not so much. But what's important is that you keep on going. Because who knows?

Tomorrow, you just might win the lottery, or run into the star of your dreams, or meet that special someone who loves you for who you are. Maybe your class might get cancelled and you'll get to hop back in your bed for another hour. Or maybe, you just might get that big deal that will make your dreams come true. But you'll never know unless you try, unless you try to live life. So that's all I ask. That's it. Two simple words.

Live. Life.
-Adrian Nuno

Are you struggling with a hard day?  Do you have a way of getting through the hard times or the mundane times?  We would love for you to comment below and share how you live life on the hard days.

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