Leigh Had Been Living In Isolation For Years

Leigh describes her experience of isolation and how she found hope at TheHopeLine®…..
When my father became ill, there wasn’t much time for me….at all. I couldn’t have a conversation with anyone. I was ignored and no one even attempted to hide the fact they were ignoring me.  It’s not a big deal if you’re an older teen, but I was 10.
It’s been almost another 10 years since this started. I have started having dark thoughts over, as if I wasn’t even a person anymore. I couldn’t talk with my family, my friends, nor the staff at my school. I began isolating myself during middle school and I now fear being in a room with too many people. My HopeCoach was very supportive and a very short conversation with him went better than conversations I’ve had with anyone. I would recommend TheHopeLine® to anyone feeling upset over any sort of situation.


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