My Interview with Lacey Sturm [Videos]

Interview with a Rock Princess on True Love: Lacey Sturm (Formally of Flyleaf)

Lacey Sturm…you probably know who she is but just in case you don’t, she co-founded the rock band, Flyleaf, and was their lead singer for 10 years until going solo.  Now she has debuted her solo project, Life Screams.
But I’m really here to tell you about her deep and personal memoir that was just released this month, The Mystery: Finding True Love in a World of Broken Lovers.  I got the privilege of reading her book and interviewing her about it.  She was a sweetheart during our interview and really poured out her heart.
She has had her struggles and she is not afraid to talk about them!  She wants others to learn from her experiences and she wants to help people!  I haven’t met too many rock princesses but I doubt many of them would be willing to be so vulnerable and share such personal experiences in order to help others.
In her book, Lacey talks about orphan identity.  Lacey grew up fatherless, and so her perspective of who and what a father is, was based on her not having a father and also observing other fathers who had neglected, abused, or abandoned their daughters.  In her book, Lacey wrote: “My orphan heart thought to be loved by someone was for them to save me.  I didn’t understand that the only person who can save me is God.  My orphan heart thought love was to complete someone else and to be completed by them.  I didn’t understand that when two people who aren’t whole try to complete each other they both end up with less than when they started.  I didn’t understand that the only one who can make a person whole is God.”
Lacey talked more about this orphan identity in our interview (by the way, I’ve been cut out of the video feed because…if we are being real here…we all just really want to see Lacey, don’t we!?!):

As Lacey says, with an orphan mindset, you feel like a burden on others.  You don’t want to burden anyone with your problems so you don’t reach out for help or accept help when it’s offered.  We (people in general) have an innate need for community with other people.  Our society teaches us to be independent and to make it on our own, but in truth, we need each other.  We need someone in our corner…friends or family to be “our people.”  We need them to support us, to encourage us when we are down, to celebrate with us when things are good, to listen when we need to talk, to give us wisdom when we don’t see clearly.  So, don’t be afraid to make deep connections with people.  Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you are struggling because you aren’t meant to carry your burdens alone.

Lacey Sturm is a supporter of TheHopeLine!!

Lacey talked about being purposeful with your heart, emotions, and displays of love in her book and in our interview.  She points out that if you aren’t purposeful then you risk falling in and out of love, over and over, according to your circumstances, whims, and ignorance’s.  She explains how to be purposeful with your heart:

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Lacey says: “There are boundaries for knowing when it’s safe to let your emotions lead you and when it’s time for you to lead them.”
Two of the boundaries she set up for herself to be purposeful with her heart was: 

  1. Have people in her life that loved her and have people she would listen to no matter what, especially when it came to wisdom regarding relationships.
  2. And she wrote down a vision for what she wanted in a husband.

Then she took her vision to God and asked Him to help her so that she would listen when God said, “Not yet,” Or “No” and that way she would know the relationship was safe and she wasn’t just manipulating the situation or tricking herself into thinking it’s good, like she’s done in the past and then been hurt by it.
The one thing Lacey wants someone to take away from reading her book is:

“God is the true love that we are always searching for.  And everything that we find that makes our hearts come to life is actually a reflection of who He is.  This world is just shadows of His love for us and so when we get infatuated with some part of His creation, we have to recognize, there is an artist behind that.  And when we put all of our stock in a person or anything…a talent, a gift, a calling, something in nature, something beautiful, art, then all of a sudden we’ve stopped short of what we’re really going after and that thing will always let us down, if we make it out to be God before we get to God himself.  He is the only one who can actually be God for us.”
In her book, she shares raw, honest, personal stories which will give you insight into not only her life but your own as well.  She also has these letters dispersed throughout the book called, Hero Notes.  She has people; such as, Evan Tachoir, Brian Welch, Stephana Mosely, Joshua Sturm, Korey Cooper, and many more. They each write a letter to ‘the reader’ with words of encouragement and wisdom they have learned through their experiences.  There is some really good stuff in there! Check out her book!

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53 comments on “My Interview with Lacey Sturm [Videos]”

  1. I would love to win!!! Actually, I just need a little bit of hope, I don't want to feel used or alone anymore ,I want to feel loved, I would like to know how to feel fine after so many issues life seems to give... Lacey has been an inspiration for me since I heard her story (almost 3 years ago), It gives me hope to think that if she has been through all this stuff and now is fine, then maybe I'll be fine someday too... though I'm a Christian and go to church everytime I can, there's something wrong with me, I feel empty, unworthy even ugly most of the time and I try to be as strong as I can but somedays just doesn't work, actually last Saturday I realized that my boyfriend was cheating on me and now I feel used and so empty because I gave him all of me, My mom is in LA (I'm in Honduras), I have lost my friends and the only person I have to talk is my sister but I stay in silence because I know she struggle sometimes too... :/

  2. I would like to win Lacey's new book because she's been my biggest inspiration since I find out about Flyleaf many years ago. She's so far my most favourite female singer ever. I love lyrics in her songs and passion in her voice. First book, "The Reason", was really eye-opening and came to my hands at the perfect moment.

  3. Inspiring stories and words, indeed! What will i say here?hmm...First, i would like to thank God for this woman,Lacey Sturm, for letting me know her life do exist. She has been my inspiration. I never thought God would use her in my life because all i knew back then was she's just a good singer, having a good lyrics, making screams and being beautiful. BUT God did not stop me from knowing her even more, digging into her lyrics and the meaning of it, and the best part was her testimony on how she survived life, and how she found out about HOPE. I have this suicidal thoughts in my mind and it's been my struggle but i overcome it by God's grace. What saddened me most was i witness my brother who committed suicide instead of me. It was the painful part of my life and i was losing hope and the reason to live but then again God's hand was not too short to reach out for me. Lacey's first book "The Reason" inspires me even more to live to the fullest. And right now with her second book, i believe she was not just talking about relationships. I believe there's more about it and i'm so excited to read it because it's been two years already that i'm struggling of being broken hearted not just with the man i loved but also with my father. I thought being in a relationship with the opposite sex would satisfy and complete me but i was wrong and it broke my heart totally. Until now i can't move on with that guy and i don't know why. There are lot of questions hanging in my head and i'm so desperate to know the answers when God permits. Hoping her second book would be a big help to everybody letting them all know that only God can mend a broken heart.:D

  4. Wow this book sounds so powerful and applicable to my life. I also have that "orphan heart" as I also grew up without a father. I spent years longing for a man to protect and cherish me.... a longing that God placed in my heart but not for a man...for Him. Laceys Life Screams album has help bring me through the darkest time my marriage has ever (and probably will ever) face. We are getting to be "on the other side " and are learning to pursue God first and foremost. Thank you Lacey for sharing your experiences; your wisdom. You are a light in this dark world and I hope to be used as you have been in bringing hope to the hopeless. I hope to win your new book and use the knowledge gained to truly find wholeness in Christ alone. @stretchymommy

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