On the Verge of Giving Up

I always used to listen to Dawson McAllister on the radio.... never thought I would be one to contact them for help... thank you TheHopeLine.

I was on the verge of giving up...I talked to a girl last night for about 2 hours. I came to you guys with my problems. My best friend that I've grown up with and been with my whole life died in a horrible stupid accident. The girl I gained feelings for, that I've never had before, needed space. She's 18 years old and has a 19-month-old son, who I think is probably the coolest little dude in the world. The girl has everything I'm looking for and her flaws are easily passable for me. But she just broke up with the father that she dated for 4 years and we started talking a few weeks after so I understood she needed time...but the killer was she no longer wishes to really talk to me while she needs space. I didn't know what to do, I promised her I would wait for her to be ready.

She and her kid mean everything to me. I break down a few times every day. Everything reminds me of her. I hear a song. I tear up. I see a mom and son I tear up. I see a picture of her, I break down. And after I lost my friend this was just the topping to the cake. I knew I was no longer myself.

I knew I needed help before the suicidal thoughts would come. So I came to the one place I knew I could say what was going on, without being judged and made fun of.

I sadly forgot the girl's name I talked to, I wish I could thank the Hope Coach again. She walked me through everything. She told me to wait and give the girl space. That she will come back when she's ready. Tomorrow, I will go to a professional for more help with depression and anxiety. The girl I talked to last night also talked to me about getting a new personal relationship with our Lord. I said the prayer she gave me last night and I felt His presence, I felt the change...I've never been so thankful to have someone to talk to or listen to.

So again, I thank all of you for what you do.

Thank you for helping the hopeless.

Thank you for giving your own time just to give time to someone else that was almost out of their time.

Thank you for helping me and countless others find a stronger faith.

Again thank you again all of you!


TheHopeLine Team
For over 30 years, TheHopeLine has been helping students and young adults in crisis. Our team is made up of writers and mental health professionals who care deeply about helping others.
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