I Now Have a Reason to Live

My Last Effort to Find a Reason to Live

I was very close to committing suicide end of summer 2017. But it felt like something was holding me back. While googling how to get free help online (too scared to get actual help), I stumbled upon TheHopeLine. I was able to talk to a HopeCoach and we had a great talk.

I Learned My Feelings were Valid

He encouraged me to talk to my parents so they could help me find the counseling I needed for my thoughts and feelings. He planted the seed in me that my feelings were valid and that I deserved therapy.  It was a good start and got me through the night. However, I still wasn't ready to go to the doctor and into therapy. Instead, I kept my feelings inside and 2 months later I overdosed.
After that my parents talked to me about getting therapy. I remembered what my HopeCoach had said and now I was ready. Today I'm getting the help I need in therapy. I wanted to thank TheHopeLine and the HopeCoach I talked to.  He helped me take the first step of admitting I need help. I wouldn't be here without TheHopeLine. So, thank you.
- Lana (19 years old)

Dealing with Depression: TheHopeLine Saved My Life

If you face suicidal thoughts, please reach out for help as Lana did.  Visit our Get Help page or our list of Suicide Prevention Resources. Talking to someone could save your life.

Perhaps you are afraid of the idea of counseling. Many people are. But the benefits of counseling are amazing. Please read this for a boost of courage, 9 Misconceptions About Seeking Professional Counseling.

You are worth taking care of!! Please don't ever doubt that.
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