Self-Injury: I Was Cutting Everyday Then I Found Hope

I was cutting every day when I talked to a HopeCoach.

It was not a pretty sight. I was dragged down by everyone around me. My father was a very abusive man. I would get hurt for just simply being in the same room as him. I attempted suicide and landed myself in the hospital. I had no desire to change, so those 7 days were the absolute worse. I still had to go home to an abusive father.  I had no hope in my heart.

But then I talked to a HopeCoach, and I couldn't stop thinking about what that HopeCoach said to me: Could I actually be worth something?

That question thrived in me for the next 7 months, but I still couldn't stop cutting, and I still wanted to die.

So I reached out to TheHopeLine again and with the help of my HopeCoach this time, I was able to admit myself to the mental health unit of our local hospital again. This time with pure hope in mind. I wanted that recovery!

Thriving and Giving Back

Since that day, almost a year ago, I have been clean from self-injury and I have been thriving! I'm now the assistant with an organization that dedicates itself to helping young women be free from self-injury.  See what a little hope can do! 🙂
~ Colleen

Colleen got help from a HopeCoach as well as an organization TheHopeLine is partnered with called Door of Hope. If you struggle with Self-Harm, let those same words sink into your heart...You. Are. Worth. Something.

If you are ready to thrive and recover, this guest post by Door of Hope Founder, Debra Cornacchia, gives great insight into getting help for self-harm, A Door of Hope for Cutters

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4 comments on “Self-Injury: I Was Cutting Everyday Then I Found Hope”

  1. Everyone that cuts has a horrible life. And I'm over here I have both parents, not struggling financially, and basically an okay life. The thing about my parents is that they pressure me too much and they emotionally abuse me. But I guess hat isn't as bad as physical abuse right?

    1. Bels, You matter and you deserve better. Being under pressure and emotional abuse can be overwhelming. You are cutting as an outlet to this pressure and abuse. Overcoming self-injury is very hard to do without help. We encourage you to reach out to a recovery coach at Door of Hope. They will help you on your journey to recovery. Call: 914 393.1904 or 803.570.2061 Texting Line: 803.570.2061 Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 – 10 PM (est) or email them:

    2. i runaway with my older boyfriend because i knew that my family wont not like him just because he is a lot older then me
      i just turn 18 i really need my boyfriend my mother took everything off my phone and now i cant even talk to my boyfriend i just want to runaway again she is treating me like i'm a little kid while i'm not i'm 18

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