Tell Your Story (Video)

Spoken Word Inspiration from Jon Jorgenson

In "Tell Your Story," Jon says: "I did everything I could to hide the life I was really make sure that nobody knew and I was succeeding." Then by eventually telling his story, he gave others permission to speak and tell their stories. No one is perfect. No one is free from sin and mistakes. And by sharing your story, you will find freedom and support.

Tell Your Story - Jon Jorgenson | Spoken Word - YouTube

When Jon first told his story, he discovered he was not alone.

"Somehow I opened my mouth and I spoke and I spoke and I spoke until I cried. And what happened next I'll never forget instead of casting me out with their judgmental stares, after sharing my story, others started telling theirs. Everyone was struggling, everyone was weak,  just needing someone to give them the courage to speak...Everyone has a secret that needs to be spoken. Everyone has a silence that needs to be broken. Someone has to be brave enough to share their walk."

What's Your Story?

Do you want to tell your story?  Has your life been tough?  Have you walked through some difficult things and yet found hope? Have you learned something that you think could help another?  If this is you, then you can be a part of helping others if you tell your story. Please share your story with us here: Share Your Story

Also be encouraged and learn from others' stories on our STORIES PAGE!
Jon Jorgenson  is an author, speaker, and spoken word poet whose YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 15 million people. View more videos from - HERE.

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