Back to School, Back to Stress

Are You Struggling with Back-To-School Anxiety?

It’s time to go back to school.

That means it’s back to studying.

Back to tests.

Back to the friendship drama.

Back to the relationship drama.

Back to stress.

But Hey, in this crazy world called school, you don’t have to handle it alone.

You can go online to

Because no matter what you’re going through…we’re here for you. We’re TheHopeLine.

Here Are Some Blogs That May Help You with Back-To-School Pressures:

  • Try these 4 study habits to help lower stress.
  • The new school year always has plenty of new challenges. Here are 5 goals for the best school year ever.
  • Are you overwhelmed by college life? Try these 10 tools to help you manage college stress.
  • Coping with school stress is important. Try these healthier ways to manage and recover.
  • If you've had a fight with a friend, feeling guilty is natural. Try these suggestions to help free yourself from the guilt.
  • Is it a challenge for you to make friends? Here are 4 steps to guide you on how to make friends.

Life is hard. No matter what you're going through, this is a safe place to get the help you need. If you need to talk about school, friends or anything. A Hope Coach is ready to listen. No judgment here. Just love. It's free! Chat with a Hope Coach 7 days a week.

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