Brooks Gibbs: When Life Feels Unstable


I Need Stability

In this video call with Brooks Gibbs, Amber shares that she is homeless and longing for stability. She learns that stability starts in the morning, with how she decides to spend her time.

Amber: I’m having some issues trying to maintain stability.

Brooks: Give me an idea of what instability is for you. What does that look like?

Amber: Right now, it’s bad because me and my mom are both homeless and we’ve been homeless since the beginning of this year. Since I’ve been here on this earth, I have really had nothing to live for. Since the beginning, it’s been nothing but sadness and trauma and disappointment and constantly rejected.

Brooks: Stability starts with what you choose to do with what you have control over and that’s your time or at least the time you have to yourself. You can have consistent stability in the little micro areas and just by doing that you’re going to elevate your state.

Steps to Help Create Stability:

  1. Get up early
  2. Pray/Meditate
  3. Get good information in your mind. Some people listen to motivational messages. Some people read scripture. Jill and I, my wife and I, we read Scripture every single morning. We’ve done that for years.
  4. Get up on time. If you are sleeping in, you’re missing out. If you get up early and you take care of yourself, and if that’s a structure that you’re willing to commit to religiously, you’re getting your mindset right first thing in the morning.

Take Personal Responsibility for Feelings and Actions

What makes an adult an adult is when they take personal responsibility, not only for their feelings, but also for their actions. It means they are not blaming everyone else, even though they have every right to. They’re saying, “What’s done is done. That happened. But what am I going to do about it now? What am I going to do today?”

That separates a child from an adult. A child does not often have stability on their own. They need external structures to provide that stability, and that’s how you are living right now, Amber. You need other adults to create structures for you. The thing you have to do to cross over is to say, “I’m taking responsibility for my emotions today,” which means I’m going to see the good in the bad. “And I'm taking responsibility for my actions today. I’m going to create structures that I desperately need and be my own stability.”

Song Lyric: Just fight a little longer my friend, it’s all worth it in the end, but when you got nobody to turn to, just hold on and I’ll find you.

Finding purpose in life can be challenging when distractions and difficulties are all around. Here are some ways to help you find it.

Song: Lecrae - I'll Find You ft. Tori Kelly

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