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What are Your Friends Like?

Hi, this is Dawson McAllister. I want you to meet one of my horses. Her name is Bailey and I got her from my granddaughter. When I got her home, I saddled her up and she didn't want to be away from the other horses. When I got on her and she just started acting out. She started kicking, jumping, and I haven't ridden her since. I mean look at her, she's beautiful, but I can't really work with her. Why? Because she's rebellious. So, what am I going to do? I'm going to send her to a trainer and let him work with her for a month.

Broken on the Inside

You say, Dawson, what's the point here, what are you trying to say? Maybe you have friends or people you know that you think would be good for you. They look good and they're popular but if they're rebellious and only thinking about themselves, like this horse, you can't really work with them. They may be beautiful on the outside but are broken on the inside.

If Your Friend Needs Help 

Why don't you send them to us? Why don't you send them to one of my HopeCoaches?  You can do that by going to TheHopeLine.com where you can get one-on-one chat. Give people you associate with a shot or two. Give them a chance. If they continue to be rebellious, you don't need to be around them, because you are only as good as your friends.

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