Dawson McAllister's Life Lessons: Food for the Soul


Do You Feel Lost and Empty? 

Hi, I'm Dawson McAllister and I've got a problem on my hands here.  I did not have a good breakfast. My wonderful staff came up with some food for me. The problem is the calories are all but empty. It's junk food. It's food that will give you a high for a while but then after you're finished with it, you're going to dip to the bottom. 

Does partying, sex and drugs fill the hole in your soul?

They say if you're hungry don't go to the grocery store. You know why? You'll grab anything you can get your hands on. Buy all kinds of junk and not make the right choices. How does that compare to real life? People do the same thing. They get hungry in their soul. They feel empty.  So, what do they do? They turn to anything that will give them some comfort...partying, sex, drugs. Why? They have a hungry soul and are trying to fill it with something...but they can't. Just as all of this candy and stuff in front of me cannot feel me physically very long or I'll get sick...so it is with people who have an empty soul. The point is simple. Are you feeding your soul junk food or are you feeding your soul good food that keeps you healthy? 

Get Real Encouragement for Your Soul

My hope is that Dawson McAllister Live is not junk food for the soul...but there's some real substance there.  Some real vitamins for the soul. I want to encourage you to get real food for your soul. When you find that and a relationship with God...don't live off of empty calories. 

Get real food for your soul. Listen to Dawson McAllister Live today! 

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