Broken Heart - How do I get over a broken heart?

Gretchen Lawson: Getting over a broken heart takes time. It can be a long and at times hard process. It's important to seek out someone that cares about you, someone you can talk to about your feelings, about the relationship, about how you're dealing with the pain that you're feeling. It can be so uncomfortable to feel the pain of a broken heart. Give yourself time. Know that you're human. Know that to love greatly means that we run the risk of being hurt greatly. Take time to take care of yourself physically.

Get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, spend time with your support people, people who love you and care about you, people who can encourage you as you are dealing with the pain of a breakup.

Gretchen Lawson: If you're holding on to any memorabilia from your relationship, it's wise to get rid of it. I know that that can be a hard step. I know that you might want to hold on to that ring or that teddy bear. It's really a good idea to let go of those things.

Holding onto those things only keeps the pain present. There is hope that you can get over a broken heart. It may take time. It's okay that it takes time. Be gracious with yourself while you are getting over a broken heart. You can do it.

For more answers to your questions on a broken heart, watch this video:

Broken heart: I feel like I need a new relationship to move on

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Terri Henry
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