Online Reputation: Nothing is Private

He Talked Her into Making a Bad Choice...Nothing is Private Online

Maybe you’ve made some bad choices, and the gossipers are now using them against you. Everyone makes mistakes. You are not alone.

Sarah’s Mom: Sarah?

Sarah: WHAT?

Sarah’s Mom: What are you doing?

Sarah: Homework!

Sarah: I’m back. (speaking to guy online)

Guy Online: Cool…hey, Sarah you know I think you’re the prettiest girl in school.

Sarah: Thanks!

Guy Online: I’m serious…you wanna…um…no you’re not that type of girl

Sarah: What do you mean?

Guy Online: You just seem like you’re a goody-two-shoes.

Sarah: Ahh…I am not! (laughing)

Guy Online: You totally are. (laughing)

Sarah: Try me…

Guy Online: Ok…why don’t you…give me a little show?

Sarah: What kind of show?

Guy Online: Like a strip show. (puts his hood on)

Sarah: Hmmm (thinking about it)

Guy Online: I knew you were a goody-two-shoes.

Sarah: I didn’t say no…yet.

Guy Online: Come on…it would make my day. I just…I’ve been having a brutal week and I need some cheering up. You’re the only one that can make it better…please?

Sarah: Ok…but just this once.

The after-effects of doing the online strip show for the guy at her school: 

Sarah’s soccer coach: Sarah you know being on this team is a privilege and frankly with your conduct we just simply can’t have you on the team anymore.

A guy at Sarah's school: Hey Sarah, what’s it going to take for me to get a show?

Vice Principal at Sarah’s School: You know that this is unacceptable behavior. You’ve been an exemplary student, but we have not choice in the situation.

Sarah’s Friend: We’re not friends…you’re a slut!

If you’re feeling pressured online…we are here and ready to listen.  Everyone makes mistakes. You are not alone. We can help.  Chat with a HopeCoach today.

The internet has the potential to define your reputation for good or bad. Here are practical ways to protect your online reputation. 

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