10 Ways to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Changing Thought Patterns

Do you put yourself down all the time? Do you need help to counteract all the negative self-talk? Take a chance and read through this list of ways you can increase your self-esteem. As you read through it you will see there are many traps that you may be falling into with your thought patterns and actions. Most likely these negative thought patterns are lowering your self-respect.  We challenge you to apply these tips to work towards a healthier self-image today.

Practical Ways to Boost Your Self-Worth

1. Don’t let other people’s thoughts about you shape who you are. What others have said or done to you does not define you.

2. Don’t speak badly about yourself. You will soon believe what you say.  Tell yourself this truth: “I am a person worth loving and respecting.”

3. Don’t change who you are simply to gain someone else’s approval or friendship.  You have something to offer the world just the way you are. Be true to yourself.

4. Don’t violate your own moral code. You will disrespect yourself for lowering your own values.  Remember this: “If you think better, you will act better.  And if you act better you will feel better.”

5. Increase your knowledge.  Develop interests and passions.  As you explore all the different opportunities this world has to offer, you will learn more about yourself and discover what you love.

6. Be Responsible. Just doing what you need to do will cause your self-respect to sky-rocket.  Do your homework, chores, show up on time, etc.

7. See yourself as God sees you. God’s crazy about you!  In fact, the Bible says He can’t stop thinking about you

“How precious are your thoughts about me, O God? They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them, they outnumber the grains of sand!” PSALM 139:17

8. Respect others.

9. Be Friendly. Friendly people are never miserable people.

10. Don’t Lie. When you continually tell the truth you give yourself the priceless gift of a clear conscience.

If you need to talk about your self-worth issues, a Hope Coach is ready to listen. You deserve to be heard and understood.

If you are struggling with self-talk that leads you to hate yourself, please read  "5 Things to Think and Do When You Hate Yourself.

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