How to Deal After Being Sexually Assaulted?

Hannah was sexually assaulted by a guy after giving him a back rub. She didn’t press charges and now she wants to know how to deal with being sexually assaulted. She didn't press charges but it's never too late.

Sexually Assaulted


Hannah: I just went through a difficult time a couple of years ago. I was on my way to a convention, and I was giving back rubs to some people and this guy was like, “Can I have one?” I said, “Sure”, and the next thing I know he was sexually assaulting me.

Dawson: Did he get in trouble?

Hannah: Not yet.

Dawson: Are you pressing charges?

Hannah: I should, but not yet.

Dawson: How long ago did this happen?

Hannah: Two years this summer.


Dawson: Well, we know it wasn’t your fault. You did make a mistake without pressing charges right then and there. But 2 years or 20 years, if it happened to you, you need to get help in dealing with it, where you can get with a group of women who’ve also been assaulted, so you have something in common. Give us about 48 hours, and we’ll see if we can get you some help. I’m sorry this happened to you. We’re not going to just talk about it though, we’re going to get you some help. Just remember, no matter what you think, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

If you are trying to cope after sexual assault please visit our sexual assault topic page for blogs, podcasts, and stories from others for additional help and resources.

Additionally, our partner, Rainn, offers 24/7  free, confidential support, information, advice, or referrals for help with sexual assault through their trained support specialist.  

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